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Advising Leaders

It can be lonely at the top… and on your way up. Make effective connections and reach your leadership/communication goals with an experienced partner who has coached leaders since 1987.

Whether you’re a CEO, senior VP, principal, small business owner or newly-promoted manager, it helps to have a trusted thinking partner who brings out the best in you… helping you to find your leadership voice, clarify key messages, identify obstacles, and make the most of opportunities… someone who listens, understands, and knows about leadership challenges first hand.

Experience counts: It saves you time and money. Julie Mitchell has advised leaders as a paid professional for decades, starting with her first executive communication coaching assignment, at a Fortune 500 client’s request, in 1987. Over 900 leaders in diverse workplaces have valued Julie’s positive, integrated perspective and realistic, context-sensitive approach to facilitating personal, professional and organizational goals.

She is a “quick study,” able to assess needs accurately. Julie knows what it’s like to start a business, launch a complex, risky project, connect with investors, have a difficult conversation, facilitate a team, persuade diverse stakeholders, respond to change, manage work/life integration, and more.

Julie’s wisdom, practical advice, and responsive client service options bring exceptional value to busy professionals with time constraints or no interest in complex processes, courses, or systems. She avoids “one size fits all” approaches, respects your budget, and will tell the truth if you expect something she can’t deliver. She has an extensive consulting and project management background. Her strengths include strategic and creative thinking. She has led award-winning, innovative programs for diverse, large organizations and is qualified to collaborate with you on complex projects requiring effective communication, at all levels.

Julie offers a flexible, integrative process for clients who seek immediate results (just-in-time coaching*) or who wish to invest in a long-term partnership. Julie also offers Coachwalks℠, a model she founded in 2002, allowing clients to walk with her during a consultation. More information is available here.

About Julie Mitchell’s Coaching Process

Julie works with individuals and teams, offering in-person, phone and virtual coaching (online). The process described here is for the most comprehensive, on-site leadership advising option. Coaching by phone and/or online is available at reduced fees and allows for geographically distant clients to work with her. The following steps, in Julie’s words, describe what you may expect:

1. Interview to Assess Fit

We start with a complimentary “get-acquainted” consultation to review needs and expectations (up to 30 minutes, via phone). We will discuss my philosophy and services to ensure a good fit between us.

2. Needs Assessment, Coaching Plan and First Session

Your investment begins with an in-depth needs assessment process. This includes completing a self-assessment survey, plus interview(s) with a colleague who knows your leadership style well, your manager, and/or a human resources/talent management/executive development professional, as applicable. We will collect and integrate feedback from others as appropriate. Julie may request additional organizational or individual background information.

Following the needs assessment, we will meet for an introductory coaching session to review needs assessment results, address immediate issues (such as an upcoming presentation or communication challenge) and create a written Coaching Plan based on your priorities.

The Coaching Plan may be submitted to a colleague, internal HR/executive/leadership development professional or your manager (as applicable) for review. Depending on your preferences or needs, others in your organization may be partners in the coaching process. Your Coaching Plan will include practical recommendations and is yours to keep for future reference, whether or not you have additional coaching.

3. Partnership and Practice – Ongoing Leadership Communication Coaching

On-site collaborative coaching or consulting services allow me to see you in action, and provide substantive creative time to work on your agenda. I am proactive and maximize each session to facilitate productivity (e.g., completion of a project), reflection, or both.

We may work on creating a message or strategy you’ll put into action immediately, or we may slow down to explore one of your strengths in depth. In addition to the focused listening, clarifying, encouraging and accountability typically offered by executive coaches, you benefit from my strong entrepreneurial, business and project management background. I am qualified to collaborate with you on high-stakes communication or leadership initiatives.

Active clients and their organizations benefit from a reduced rate for additional services; e.g., consulting with your colleagues, facilitating a workshop, or participating in meetings on your behalf during the coaching time frame. I provide brief follow-up consultation by e-mail or phone/text at no additional charge, plus relevant resources.

You may opt for off-site coaching or consulting by phone or support services I provide from my office, such as research or reviewing important communication materials on your behalf (e.g., PowerPoint slides or your professional biography for a high stakes presentation).

4. Follow-up Recommendations and Ongoing Support

At the conclusion of the coaching period, you may receive a personalized Coach Notes document at no charge that summarizes your strengths and areas for further self-development or formal study. I will stay in touch and continue to recommend resources in support of your goals.

*Just-in-time coaching: In some cases, clients choose “just-in-time” coaching to address a specific, immediate need that may be resolved in one coaching session. When no additional coaching is necessary or desired, a simplified needs assessment may be sufficient.

For more information, please call or e-mail me at 919-251-9590

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