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I intend to practice respectful communication

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January blooms in Chapel Hill.

It’s not too late for a new year intention: in 2012 I will do my best to talk mindfully, use “right speech” and practice respectful communication. It may be especially challenging to communicate with courtesy, clarity and compassion this year. I’m already full of righteous indignation about the glut of impolite, inaccurate, hateful speech. (It’s another nasty political campaign season in the United States… need I explain more?)

I don’t expect many examples of respectful communication about — or among — the politicians. Lies, spin, and every form of manipulative communication known to humanity will be on full display. This makes me more determined to be careful, to think before I open my mouth and to engage those with whom I disagree in a spirit of understanding.

Courtesy. Clarity. Compassion. We recognize and appreciate respectful communication when we hear it. Unfortunately, rude remarks seem to be more popular. As I take on the respectful communication challenge I know I will make mistakes. I hope I’ll learn something, too.

Author: Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell is an executive coach, facilitator, professional speaker and senior consultant who can help you create more positive working relationships, improve your performance, and achieve goals through understanding and practicing effective communication on every level.

One thought on “I intend to practice respectful communication

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