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Networking revisited: making conference connections!

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Connecting with nature. Chapel Hill, NC.

Conferences. Meetings. Conventions. Connections.

Recently I’ve been immersed in these topics, and my networking knowledge has been tested.

I’m coaching executives as they prepare for big conferences.

I’m attending a local business fair and I’m pondering invitations to major professional events.

Suddenly, instead of facilitating small groups or coaching individuals, I’m focused on what happens when lots of people gather and hope to make connections (myself included)!

This situation requires self-coaching. I dusted off notes from my long-ago networking talks and I reviewed relevant blog posts.

My conclusion? This stuff is fun! I will listen, learn and enjoy opportunities to connect. I will approach these events from a beginner’s perspective. I’ll make networking notes and observe how people communicate (or miss connections) at conferences. Perhaps I’ll discover something valuable about networking, or about myself. Stay tuned!

Author: Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell is an executive coach, facilitator, professional speaker and senior consultant who can help you create more positive working relationships, improve your performance, and achieve goals through understanding and practicing effective communication on every level.

One thought on “Networking revisited: making conference connections!

  1. Great points, Julie. Thank you for sharing so honestly!

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