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“Walk-and-talk” meetings grow in popularity


Beach walkers meeting in southwest FL.

A friend sent me this link from the Globe and Mail. It’s worth a read.

I loved learning about how fit workplaces are being promoted in Canada, and it’s the first time I’ve seen the job title “chief exercise officer.”

It’s gratifying to witness a growing movement for more movement at work. When I started Coachwalks℠ in 2002, very few people embraced the idea, and some told me I was crazy. Fortunately, I had open-minded clients willing to take a chance on walking with me. We’re still walking!

A growing body of research confirms what inspired me to offer the walking option to leaders I coach: walking meetings boost creative thinking, teamwork, efficiency and health. The Globe and Mail article reports on how walking improves “executive control,” too, including working memory and planning/organizational ability. Great news for those of us who feel organizationally challenged. 😉

Author: Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell is an executive coach, facilitator, professional speaker and senior consultant who can help you create more positive working relationships, improve your performance, and achieve goals through understanding and practicing effective communication on every level.

2 thoughts on ““Walk-and-talk” meetings grow in popularity

  1. The concept of walking meetings makes a great deal of sense, but I must admit I think about walking as solitary time, reflective time, walking as meditation and the idea of walking and also talking and expressing ideas and responding to ideas would be challenging for this introvert. That being said, pre-retirement when I was in a work setting and struggling with some work project, feeling stuck and uncreative, I would get away from my desk and go for a brief walk. The walk always helped me clear the space and find a new perspective or approach. I have no doubt that moving my body, which includes my head and my heart, resulted in clarity. Thanks, as always for your good thoughts. Nancy

  2. Nancy, I am taking a stand for solitary walking meetings, too (i.e., conferring with self to invite clarity and perspective, as you noted)! Thanks for pointing out walking meetings for two — or more — are not for everyone. I thrive on my daily solitary walks and I also find some challenging conversations seem easier when I’m in motion, beside my walking/problem-solving partner. Thanks for your thoughtful presence through engaging with my blog.

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