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Gratitude, Goodwill and Grace: Gifts of the Season


Red and green scene. Happy Holidays!

I was grateful to notice this red and green scene on a bright December day.

It’s December 25. If you celebrate Christmas, may yours be merry and bright. Whether or not this holiday is a holy day in your tradition, I hope this season brings you gratitude, goodwill and grace.

As the glorious strains of Handel’s Messiah fill our home I’m reflecting on what I’ve been learning through another year of walking and talking with extraordinary clients and other companions. I’ll keep it simple:

1) Be thankful. Even on the darkest days and most lonely paths, there is something to appreciate. Look for it!

2) Show goodwill toward colleagues and even “competitors” or those you dislike or don’t understand.  It takes courage to be bighearted instead of small-minded. Be one of the brave ones!

3) Grace someone with your presence in a time of need, or through simple acts of behaving honorably and professionally in challenging circumstances. Try being a blessing instead of a burden.

Gratitude. Goodwill. Grace. These three free gifts were offered to me many times in 2013. I’m deeply touched by everyone who thanked me, expressed warm congratulations and good wishes, or listened with patience and kindness in my times of need. May these gifts be yours this holiday season and into the new year.

Author: Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell is an executive coach, facilitator, professional speaker and senior consultant who can help you create more positive working relationships, improve your performance, and achieve goals through understanding and practicing effective communication on every level.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude, Goodwill and Grace: Gifts of the Season

  1. So well said, Julie, and such excellent touchstones for looking back over the year and reminders for looking ahead. Light Blessings, Nancy

  2. Thanks Nancy… and big congrats on your recent happy news. I’ll be in touch soon!

  3. Beautifully put, Julie. These are ideas I try to put into action frequently but it always helps to be reminded! Happy New Year to you, and I hope to see more of you in 2014!

  4. Thanks, Allie… and I hope to see more of you, too!

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