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June is here! Networking, revisited…

Weak ties may lead to strong ties!

Weak ties may lead to strong ties!

In honor of a favorite month (June, aka birthday month) and a favorite topic (networking), I updated a favorite post from June 2013.

It features a true story I love to tell: How I met my husband through my “weak tie” to generous scholar, author, and biz school professor Adam Grant.

I hope it stimulates your thinking about dormant, weak ties.

Now I’m feeling inspired to reconnect with folks I haven’t contacted in ages!


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A Monday morning walk and positive self-talk…

It’s Monday morning and I found my walking motivation from this 2009 post. Hooray for self coaching. 🙂

Julie Mitchell's CoachNotes


“I am alarmed when it happens that I have walked a mile into the woods bodily, without getting there in spirit.”

–  Thoreau

This morning was alarming. The clock radio jolted me awake at 5:10, in the middle of a dream. I was out the door at 5:35, stepping into fog and the sticky central North Carolina air. I woke with grim determination to start the week on a positive note, practicing what I preach to my clients. (I’m lousy at coaching myself, because I ignore most of my advice.)

Like Thoreau, I am disturbed when parts of me are missing during a walk, or during other endeavors. However, during summer slug season in the South, I’m doing well just to get my body moving through the neighborhood. If mind and spirit are elsewhere, perhaps they don’t feel like walking! Nevertheless, today — the beginning of a challenging work week…

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