Julie Mitchell's CoachNotes


Communication and Consulting Services

Julie Mitchell, MA offers integrated coaching and consulting to individuals, groups and organizations seeking her broad perspective and deep experience. Areas of expertise include comprehensive communication skills training, organizational development, strategic thinking, and advising leaders through challenges, opportunities and change.

An award-winning speaker and experienced educator, Julie delivers customized programs ranging from keynotes and brown-bag workshops to in-depth seminars. She is committed to walking her talk, offering high-value services and being responsive to clients’ needs.

Julie started her business in 1986, had her first executive coaching client in 1987, launched “just-in-time” speech coaching services in 1994, and was a “walking meetings” pioneer, founding CoachWalks in 2002.

One thought on “Communication and Consulting Services

  1. Hi Julie, Couldn’t find the “contact me” so I am saying hi this way. Hope this gets to you. This is Patsy from the Pelee Island Ferry. You can see more about me and my books on my website. Tell your sis. She’d like them. You might too. 🙂

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