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Seminars and Speaking

Need a speaker or seminar leader to point you in the right direction? Start here.

Are you seeking an experienced, effective, engaging speaker or workshop leader?

Julie Mitchell’s top-rated presentations are interactive, relevant and customized for your group.  Julie is a flexible, organized facilitator who takes time to understand your needs and respects participants’ time.

Topics may be addressed in a brief “lunch and learn” format or explored in-depth, through workshops, seminars or courses. Content is based on Julie’s teaching, learning, consulting and coaching expertise, best communication and leadership practices, and evidence from research in real organizations.

Sample titles below represent hundreds of speaking engagements or courses Julie designed in settings ranging from national conferences and corporate boardrooms to university classrooms, community centers and retreat facilities. You can count on Julie to share useful information listeners may put into practice immediately.

  • Fit Leadership: Walking Your Talk.
  • Leading, Listening and Learning
  • First Impressions Count: Presenting Your “Best Self”
  • Networking Know-How: It’s not what you think!
  • Speaking in the Face of Fear: You can do it!
  • Straight Talk and the Power of Direct Communication
  • Facilitate Results with Effective Meeting Management
  • Stop, Look and Listen: Interpersonal Communication, 101
  • Respectful Communication at Work?! Please try it. Thank you.
  • Communicating Under Stress!
  • Marketing from the Inside Out: Making Gut-Level Connections
  • Advanced Teaching/Learning Tips For Trainers: You Can Deliver
  • Business Writing Tips You Didn’t Learn in English Class
  • Time to Ditch PowerPoint? The Truth About Visual Aids

Do you have questions on how Julie may serve your next meeting, seminar, or special event? Please email or call (julie@julie-mitchell.com or 919-251-9590).



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