Julie Mitchell's CoachNotes


Teaching and Adult Learning Expertise

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Comments about Julie Mitchell’s strengths as an educator in settings ranging from university classrooms to corporate boardrooms:

“Julie is a master teacher. I don’t use this phrase lightly. She was consistently ranked #1 among the 25 faculty in our department and she’s the only one I felt was qualified to teach our advanced professional speaking course.”

– College Speech Department Head

“Julie collaborated with us to design and deliver an excellent professional conference. She understands what engages adult learners and has a tactful way of suggesting improvements. This conference was rated higher than our past events, in large part due to Julie’s input.”

– Bank Vice President

“I am confident in subject matter expertise, but I was not comfortable presenting to a non scientific audience. Julie helped me polish my teaching and facilitation skills for an engagement in front of company leaders. I could not have done it without her. She made me look good!”

– PhD scientist, research faculty member and entrepreneur

“As a new consultant and home-based business owner, I needed to ‘learn the ropes’ from someone who has taken a similar path. Julie has been generous in sharing what she’s learned over the years, to my benefit.”

– Consultant and former corporate Human Resources executive

“Your seminar was excellent. You were able to grasp what we deal with, unlike most ‘in service teacher training’ people I’ve been subjected to over the years. Thanks for providing information I can actually put into practice!”

– secondary education teacher, enrolled in M.Ed program elective taught by Julie

“Julie is among the best organizational learning and development consultants I’ve met in my career. I’ve watched her ‘in action’ numerous times. She led our corporate mentoring for women program, earning high praise. She’s a natural role model, practicing the effective communication she preaches!”

– Vice President, Learning & Development

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