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Power failure: More learning in the dark.

Another dark room, reminding me of the only (natural) light this morning during a power failure.

Another dark room, reminding me to appreciate light during power failure.

Today, I imagined, I would hit the ground running. After being out of town and out of touch, I was itching to reconnect.


Motivated with Monday Morning Mojo, I would guzzle my husband’s excellent, dark roast coffee! I would read something inspirational! I would catch up on email! I would blog! I would sort the pesky pile of papers and unopened mail! I would conquer self-doubt and sleepiness!


Instead, we had an inexplicable power failure. Outdoors, it was cloudy, but not stormy or windy. Why today, of all days? I lost a few moments to crankiness, but caught myself: Perhaps this was a good thing. Continue reading



Check your vision and see what you’re missing.

If you couldn't see this azalea, would you have your vision checked?

If you couldn’t see or didn’t notice this brilliant azalea, would you have your vision checked?

You can’t manage what you can’t see. I’ve said these words often, yet their clear, immediate truth escapes me when I’m lost in mindless blindness. Who, me? Yes, I’m prone to terrible vision when I feel sleepy, annoyed, anxious, hungry, defensive… and the list goes on.

So what to do in a world of the blind leading the blind? It helps to acknowledge reality: no one has perfect vision. (I’m not referring to the lucky minority with 20/20 eyesight.) Continue reading