Julie Mitchell's CoachNotes


Speech Coaching and “just-in-time” Communication Services

Do you need expert help with an important presentation?

Someone who can step in at “the last minute” to assist with every detail?

A reassuring, confident pro in the most challenging speaking circumstances?

Julie Mitchell has a winning record as a speech coach for discriminating professionals ranging from corporate CEOs and university administrators to physicians, research scientists, artists and entrepreneurs. Her expertise—built on deep, broad experience in every aspect of creating memorable presentations—offers  clients distinctive service and superior value.

Since her first coaching assignment in 1987, she has contributed to clients’ success through helping them to manage communication challenges. Julie’s holistic, full-service approach is positive, empowering, and collaborative; it brings maximum satisfaction to the coach/client relationship. Her work with hundreds of individuals and organizations has resulted in a reputation for integrity, responsiveness and excellence.

Do you need an experienced presentation coach who can deliver results like these?

  • A CEO with speech anxiety was invited to give the keynote address at a national convention. Julie worked with him to identify and articulate an inspiring vision for his message. She demonstrated relaxation techniques and built upon his strengths, including a wonderful sense of humor that allowed him to connect easily with others. He now welcomes opportunities to speak before large audiences.
  • The president of a growing start-up company was invited to compete for a new international account. He needed to simplify a complex, technical presentation for a non-technical audience. Julie helped this PhD (a former professor) create clear, audience-friendly visual aids and used taped practice sessions to polish delivery and minimize  scientific jargon. His presentation resulted in a multimillion-dollar contract. His new client commented: “Congratulations. We could actually understand what you were saying…and you made it interesting!”
  • A managing director of an investment bank advanced into a role requiring frequent speaking, team leadership, meeting facilitation and occasional national TV appearances.  She was concerned about her quiet voice and passive image.  With Julie’s help, she found her voice as a confident, assertive leader.
  • A talented, newly hired MBA at a Fortune 500 corporation was raised in another culture and spoke English as a second language. Julie assisted him in learning the subtleties of effective interpersonal communication and the “typical American” nonverbal behaviors he would encounter in his new job. He has since been promoted into a high profile marketing and sales position.
  • The respected and admired owner of a small business, recognized by Case Western Reserve University as a leading entrepreneur, was asked to give the commencement address at her alma mater. She called Julie to help her write an inspiring, moving speech that was praised in the local newspaper.

Whether you want to make more powerful presentations, sharpen interpersonal skills, or develop your leadership potential, Julie Mitchell’s integrated communication coaching will meet your needs and fit into your schedule. The benefits of working with Julie include:

  • A customized, holistic coaching process, beginning with a thorough needs assessment, focuses on how you learn and desired outcomes. Julie understands the complexity and diversity of speaking situations. She identifies pitfalls, sees opportunities and knows the best way to connect with your audience.
  • Breadth and depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience, including a long, consistent track record as an award-winning professional speaker and teaching, management consulting, speechwriting and marketing expertise; this offers added value for the client.
  • An engaging, persuasive, face-to-face coaching method based on Julie’s ability to listen plus identify or reinforce the client’s communication strengths and natural gifts. Skills are modeled by the coach and practiced by the client during each session.
  • Realistic, efficient, focused recommendations – Julie advocates a practical professional development philosophy that facilitates immediate, on-the-job application.
  • Convenient, “just-in-time” scheduling; access to coaching in person or by phone/e-mail outside standard business hours.
  • Helpful supplementary resources, including user-friendly handouts, websites and other materials to reinforce effective communication/management principles.

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