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CoachWalks®: Meet on Your Feet

If you are in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, like to walk, and believe creative ideas, clarity, or problem-solving can happen while walking, a Coachwalk® session with Julie Mitchell may be right for you.

Take your work for a walk.℠

Want to make the most of your walks?

Too busy to fit exercise into the work day?

Need a break from your office, or relief from stress and feeling stuck?

Would a walking meeting help your team move forward?

You may feel alone as a leader, unmotivated as a follower, or in need of a thinking partner to discuss alternatives. Maybe you’re confused in a new role, or can’t get around career path barriers.

Perhaps you have a high stakes event on the horizon and want a walk-through with a leadership and communication expert known for helping clients “hit it out of the ballpark.” Maybe you know where you’re going, but will arrive faster with an experienced guide.

If you’re thinking about coaching, scheduling a Coachwalk is an energizing first step.

There are many talented executive coaches, leadership coaches, life coaches, career transition coaches, communication coaches, wellness coaches, and more. It can be challenging to find the best fit for your needs. Some coaches work by phone. Others offer in-person consultation or online services. Julie Mitchell is committed to responsive, flexible client service and she offers these traditional coaching modalities and more.

Step up your game with a seasoned professional with a reputation for managing difficult situations and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Benefit from a leader who has “walked the coach talk” as a trusted partner to hundreds of executives, professionals and others in diverse work/life circumstances, for decades. Hire a coach who is good on her feet, in more ways than one.

A brief bio.: Julie Mitchell started Coachwalks® in 2002 to integrate her leadership and communication consulting practice with her love of walking outdoors, where she is energized, inspired and does her best creative thinking. Julie has been coaching leaders from all walks of life since 1987. She helps her clients make the best of every opportunity, one step at a time, partnering with them on the path of their choice.

Contact Julie for a free consultation. Find out what it’s like to walk with a guide focused on exploring your next, best move… on the job and beyond.

Email:  Julie@julie-mitchell.com

Not in Julie’s neck of the woods? No problem… she’s available to walk with you via your cellphone, too!

© Coachwalks® – all rights reserved.

Coachwalks are available during limited hours. They are not focused on physical conditioning. Clients set the pace, choose the walking venue and will be asked to sign a waiver and release of liability.

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